If you are a business owner in the Dallas Texas area, and you are looking for rates on business owners insurance (BOP) policies, then be sure to contact us today. We are an independent insurance agency and will work to find you great rates on a policy which is as customized as possible for what you need regarding your business ownership whether you have issued shares, an entity structured with the S-corporation election, or are a traditional multi-member LLC.

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Tips On Business Owners Policy BOP Insurance

We found some helpful articles to provide you with more information about BOP insurance. Please remember that we are an independent insurance agency licensed in Texas, so the resources quoted on this page are just for examples as we can help you find the right carrier and insurance policy for your specific needs.

Tips from Progressive Insurance (full set of tips at this link: Visit the BOP page on Progressive’s website):

Common questions about business owners policies

Who needs a business owners policy?

Small to medium-sized businesses that own or rent workspace should consider a BOP, which includes general liability and commercial property insurance. Together, this combination protects your business from accidents, lawsuits, theft, and more.

Contractors, wholesalers, offices, restaurants, and retailers are some examples of businesses that could benefit from a BOP.

What does a business owners policy cover?

A business owners policy covers liability and commercial property claims. Liability coverage includes customer injury, damage to other people’s property, and advertising injury. Commercial property insurance protects your commercial building and its contents.

Click the link above to see all of the tips from that resource. The above tips are just a portion from that full article.

Tips from Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (full set of tips at this link: Nationwide’s page on BOP Insurance):

Do you need a businessowners policy (BOP)?

Nationwide BOP insurance may be right for your business if:

  • Your business is located outside of your home
  • You have fewer than 100 employees and less than $5 million in sales
  • You have property or equipment you need to protect
  • You want to protect investments you’ve made in your business
Click the link above to see all of the tips from that resource. The above tips are just a portion from that full article.