Cyber Liability Insurance Dallas Fort Worth


If you operate a business in the Dallas Fort Worth area, or elsewhere in the State of Texas, and are looking for cyber liability insurance policies then be sure to contact us today. We are an independent insurance agency and will work to find you great rates on a policy which is customized for your needs which will protect against situations which you may not yet have experienced.

Resources On Cyber Liability

This resource comes from the Louisiana Office of Risk Management giving some cyber liability coverage examples: Below are snippets of interest from the full report, and you are welcome to call us for specifics in the State of Texas.

Cyber Liability Coverage Examples

Cyber Liability provides coverage for security breaches of electronic data including personally identifiable, non-public information while in the control of and managed by your agency. Personally identifiable information includes social security numbers, date of birth, driver’s license number, etc. The policy covers a variety of expenses associated with security breaches, including but not limited to: privacy breach counsel, forensic IT services, notification costs, credit monitoring expense, etc.

This resource provides more information cyber liability and it comes from North Carolina’s Department of Insurance Here are some snippets from that resource:

Cyber Liability Insurance

Most people are aware of “data breaches” that have occurred with large national retail store and credit services, along with other problems that are reported in the news. A hacker attacks a business’ computer to do one or more of the following: shut down the business’ computer system, shut down the operation of the business, steal customer personal information, deface website/social media, and extort money by use of ransomware.