Inland Marine Insurance Dallas Fort Worth


If you are looking for inland marine insurance in the Dallas Fort Worth area, of elsewhere in Texas, then you are welcome to contact us.  We are an independent insurance agency and can customize your policy to meet your specific needs.

We also included some helpful information from the State of Texas regarding this kind of insurance throughout the State, not just DFW.


Texas Department Of Insurance’s Review Requirements Checklist – Personal Inland Marine

The full article can be seen here: Click This Link 

Here are some possible portions of interest from the main article:

Prior Approval of Policy Forms and Endorsements – Refer to Texas Definition of Inland Marine to Determine if Filed or Non-Filed Class of Inland Marine Chapter 2301, Insurance Code An insurance policy form or endorsement may not be delivered or issued for delivery in this state unless the form has been filed with and approved by the commissioner. Each filing shall be made not later than the 60th day before the date of any use or delivery for use.

Inland marine insurance falls under the 28 TAC §5.5002 of the Texas Administrative Code:  Click Here For The Statute

Here are some possibly helpful portions from that statute:

Imports (non-filed). Imports may be insured under inland marine policies when the property is not subject to import risk covered under marine (ocean) policies.

(1) Imports on consignment may be covered without restriction as to time or location of the property, provided the coverage includes transportation hazards. “On consignment” refers to property consigned and entrusted to factors or agents to be held in their care, or under their control:

(A) for sale; for account of another; or for exhibit, trial, approval, or auction; and
(B) for return, if not disposed of.
(2) Imports not on consignment may be covered in places of storage that are typically used by importers, provided the coverage includes transportation hazards. These policies may also include the same coverage for property purchased on cost-insurance-freight terms or spot purchases included with or substituted for bona fide importations. An import can remain covered under an inland marine policy as long as the property remains segregated in the original form or package in a way that it can be identified and has not become incorporated and mixed with the general mass of property in the United States. An import can no longer be covered under the inland marine policy when the property has been:

(A) sold and delivered by the importer, factor, or consignee;
(B) removed from its place of storage and placed on sale as part of the importer’s stock in trade at a point of sales distribution; or
(C) delivered and accepted for manufacture, processing, or change in form at the premises used for any of those purposes.