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If you are in the market for Recreational Vehicle (RV) insurance in the Dallas Texas area then contact us today. We are an independent insurance agency which will help you find a great policy to meet your needs.

Helpful RV Insurance Tips

We found several resources which offer you helpful tips regarding the insuring of your RV or similar motor home. First, if you are looking to buy a RV and then insure it we found a helpful guide from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. It is titled “Smart Buyer – Tips for Buying a Recreational Vehicle” and you may download the PDF at this link: click here

Regarding the actual insuring of your RV then here are the additional resources of possible interest to you:

  1. RV Lifestyle’s “Tips For Buying RV Insurance”

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2. RV Life Pro’s “RV Insurance: Important Things You Need To Consider”

Q: What is your number one piece of advice to give to someone looking for RV insurance?

A: Be honest and truthful about your plans, your needs, and what needs to be covered. An insurance agent can’t read your mind and has no idea if you plan to travel with that priceless piece of art, an expensive bike, or are going out of country.

Q: Is an RV considered a vehicle or a residence? Are contents covered or just the vehicle?

A: For many policies, the RV is covered off of the RV insurance and any personal property inside the RV would be extended from your home insurance policy. In the case you have no home or renters policy and the RV is your only home, you would want to talk with your insurance company to make sure they add personal property to your policy and that it would be covered if a loss occurred in your RV.

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3. KOA’s “Things to Consider When Purchasing RV Insurance”

After all, an RV is a huge investment for any family, whether it’s a small pop-up trailer or a mega motor home.

Here are a few things to consider:

• Travel Trailer Insurance: Your car insurance likely covers your RV travel trailer, right? So why buy specific RV insurance? Well, regular insurance only covers a trailer when it’s hooked up to the car or truck that’s pulling it, and won’t cover a motor home at all. Get that special RV insurance to be sure your RV is covered, even when it’s not hooked up.

• Medium Trucks: If you’ve got a truck bed camper on a truck over 10,000 pounds, you are likely not covered under your normal auto policy. Get that RV insurance.

• RV Replacement in Case of Accident or Theft: When shopping for insurance, ask if your quote includes Actual Cash Value (ACV), Agreed Value or Total Loss Replacement. ACV is the market value of the RV as decided by third party sources. Agreed Value means that the company agrees to an amount up front with the policy holder; and TLR means the company will provide the insured with a replacement RV if yours is lost or stolen when it is under 5 years old.

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